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Kim Planert - Skid Row Marathon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019)

Категория: Музыка  2 августа 2020 от kingdevil, прочтено (3)
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Kim Planert - Skid Row Marathon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019)

Artist: Kim Planert
Title: Skid Row Marathon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Kim Planert Music INC
Genre: Soundtrack
Quality: MP3 320 kbps; FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 52:41
Total Size: 156; 263 MB

Kim Planert is a German television, film composer and producer based out of Los Angeles, California.
He has composed music for over 230 episodes of prime-time television shows and feature films. Kim is also part of the producing team on three indie features.
His vast collection of TV credits include: 8 seasons on the score for ABC's television show, Castle, Timeless (NBC), Missing (ABC), The Whispers (ABC series produced by Steven Spielberg), The McKenna Files (Mark Gordon ABC pilot), The Unit (CBS), Lie To Me (FOX), The Gates (ABC), The Chicago Code (FOX), Last Resort (ABC), and Rush (USA Network).
His film credits include Into The Blue II: The Reef, A Reason and Chasing Grace.
Awards include, winning "Best Score in a TV Show" for his collaboration with Robert Duncan on Missing at the Hollywood and Music in Media Awards (HMMA). Winner for "Best Music in Film" and "Movie Music Track Award" for feature film, Skid Row Marathon at the Milan International Film Festival and Garden State Film Festival. A nomination at the Music and Sound Awards for Best Original Composition in a Feature Film Score. For a full list go to AWARDS.
Recently, Kim associate produced and wrote the score for passion project Skid Row Marathon. An award winning, feature length documentary that follows the inspiring story of a Los Angeles judge who starts a running club on Skid Row, giving it's members a second chance at life as they battle their addictions.
Before moving to Los Angeles Kim lived in the UK where he collaborated with several legendary music producers and musicians including Craig Armstrong, Capercaillie, Secret Garden, John McLaughlin (FIVE), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the Scottish Ensemble.
As a sound engineer and producer he worked in the UK for over a decade, recording and mixing more than 40 albums and also soundtracks for several films including American Cousins, The Bone Collector, and the TV show Crowdie + Cream - which won a BAFTA award for "Best Soundtrack" and "Best Theme".
Kim received his masters from the UNCSA School of the Arts and his Bachelor of Recording Arts from the Southern Cross University of Australia. He studied under veteran composers such as Emmy-award winner Hummie Mann, David McHugh (Mystic Pizza), Sir Prof. Clive Pascoe (student of Leonard Bernstein) and Jack Smalley (Charlie's Angels, The Last of the Mohicans).
In addition to his professional accolades, Kim made four tours at the age of 19 to the former Yugoslavia during the armed conflict, providing humanitarian aid. One of Kim's first songs, recorded on a four track, was written for the people of Bihac, who at the time were surrounded by Serbian forces. The tape made it to the "Pocket of Bihac" and was played on radio to give hope that they were not forgotten.
Kim's great passion for Skydiving and Wingsuit flying is the inspiration for his album Skylight. With over 400 jumps to date, taking part in the US National Championships and flying above Black Rock City at Burning Man, Kim's adventures in the clouds bring an exciting edge and a deeper spirituality to his already dynamic work.
01. Kim Planert - Runner (1:09)
02. Kim Planert - 71 Years 4 Months to Life (1:30)
03. Kim Planert - 6th Street Bridge (0:51)
04. Kim Planert - Show Up (2:02)
05. Kim Planert - I Lost Everything (0:55)
06. Kim Planert - The Guy That Did This (1:18)
07. Kim Planert - The Heart of a Priest (1:21)
08. Kim Planert - That's What It Is All About (1:31)
09. Kim Planert - Where I Come From (1:24)
10. Kim Planert - Back at the Midnight Mission (1:29)
11. Kim Planert - Hopeless Addicts (2:38)
12. Kim Planert - I Have Created so Much Wreckage (0:41)
13. Kim Planert - Watts Tower (1:38)
14. Kim Planert - This Is Home (2:51)
15. Kim Planert - Home Coming (1:02)
16. Kim Planert - Things Turned Around (1:54)
17. Kim Planert - This Makes Him Happy (1:17)
18. Kim Planert - Birthday Cake (1:41)
19. Kim Planert - A Second Chance (2:32)
20. Kim Planert - The Midnight Runners (1:14)
21. Kim Planert - Whatever It Takes (2:19)
22. Kim Planert - A Free Man (2:25)
23. Kim Planert - Dignity (5:44)
24. Kim Planert - Sometimes That's Enough (2:09)
25. Kim Planert - Keep Reaching for the Stars (3:58)
26. Kim Planert - Running on Believing (5:09)
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