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Many Bright Things - Many Bright Friends (2005)

Категория: Музыка  12 мая 2018 от kingdevil, прочтено (132)
 (голосов: 0)

Many Bright Things - Many Bright Friends (2005)

Artist: Many Bright Things
Title: Many Bright Friends
Year Of Release: 2005
Label: The Wild Places
Genre: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Quality: Flac (tracks, .cue, log)
Total Time: 53:58
Total Size: 370 Mb (scans)

Many Bright Things - Many Bright Friends (2005)

1. Many Bright Friends (Stan Denski) - 0:26
2. East West - 20:44
3. The Silver Witch (Alisha Sufit) - 6:39
4. Minor Parade for 18 Strings (Stan Denski / Paul Major) - 6:32
5. I Am Not a Collector Potato (Jello Biafra / Larry DeMyer / Stan Denski) - 9:38
bonus for the cd edition
6. There Will Be a Slight Delay (Stan Densky) - 10:30
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Sitar, Percussion, Cymbal - Stan Denski
Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Engineer - Ray Pierle
Guitar [Impossible] - Larry DeMeyer
With guests:
Jello Biafra - Vocals
LonPaul Ellrich - Percussion
Paul Major - Guitar
Vess Ruthenberg - Bass
Nick Saloman - Guitar
Alisha Sufit - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Tescher - Percussion

The title of Many Bright Things' third album highlights the nature of the project: a large cast of friends coalescing around guitarist Stan Denski. After a seven-year gap, Denski -- better known by now as the compiler for QDK Media's high-profile series of obscure psychedelia, Love, Peace & Poetry -- delivers an entertaining disc of spaced-out jams. Many Bright Friends combines the folky side of Jefferson Airplane ("Minor Parade for 18 Strings," the title track, "There Will Be a Slight Delay") and the crudest grooves of the Krautrock school. The album is structured around two main tracks. The first one is "East West," a 21-minute cover of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's anthem to cross-pollination. Featured in this orgiastic jam are guitarists Denski, Nick Saloman, Daniel Noland, and Al Simones (trading solos); Vess Ruthenberg (bass); Steve Obenreder (drums); and harp player Byrd Birocco, who steals the show. "I Am Not a Collector Potato," the other key track here, is a feature for Jello Biafra, who tells listeners what collecting psychedelic records used to be like (with plenty of reverb in the voice), over a quiet groove improvised by Denski, Larry Demyer (guitar), David "Tufty" Clough (bass), and Lon Paul Elrich (percussion). Sandwiched between them is "The Silver Witch," the only song of the set, a nice ballad featuring the delicious Alisha Sufit. Denski presents the multi-tracked acoustic guitar piece "There Will Be a Slight Delay" as a bonus track, but its gentle pastures of echoing guitar parts deserve a better defense. People impervious to Biafra's sense of humor (or collector potatoes who don't find it funny to be laughed at -- yeah, you know who you are!) will probably prefer that encore. Many Bright Friends probably did not end up on anyone's 2005 "best-of" list, but it is an honest record deserving a few honest listens.

Many Bright Things - Many Bright Friends (2005)



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